Our Team

Arne Van Der Stede is the one who's bussy with all the designs around projame.

All the old logo's and most images in the games are made by him.

This company won't exist without him.

Arne Van Der Stede, Designer,


Arne Van Der Stede

Mats Van Belle is one of the main programmers in Projame.

Sometimes he focuses on creating a design like our bird logo and this site.

He won't give up and can be a bit stubborn.

Mats Van Belle, Programmer & Designer,


Mats Van Belle

Joppe Hanoulle is a programmer in Projame.

Most off the time he works alone on a game but at the end it's always excellent.

He doesn't only program pc games but also made "Anguis".

Joppe Hanoulle, Programmer,


Joppe Hanoulle

Emrys Martens always has lots of bright idea's.

His inspiration is a huge gift to this company.

Al tough he's not the best programmer he's a good learner.

His bright mind does help us a lot.

Emrys Martens, Programmer & Inspirator,


Emrys Martens

Benoît De Clercq is our newest member.

As a great gamer himself he knows a lot about games and so always has a good opinion on how to improve games.

Due to him we are growing quickly.

Benoît De Clercq, Programmer & Gamer,


Benoît De Clercq